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1x2 betting tipster company are a highly exclusive conglomerate of professional moneymakers situated around the world. Our team is comprised of former financial industry advisors mainly on soccer betting 1x2 , odds makers for betting 1x2, professional players and trainers.

Tips to win football bets
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Some are decent, some are bad and most are lucky to hit about 50% of their plays over time. "1x2 betting care most about our clients and importantly betting from our own pockets."

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1x2 betting tipster company tipping odds are obtained directly from SBOBET.com, the World’s Leading Online Sports book. All Odds may varies and they tend to fluctuate according to the market betting pattern and of course other market forces, so please check with your respective sports book for the latest odds before making your final decision. Notice: All date/times subject to GMT +0800 (Hong Kong time).

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